What is GCCP?

  • The Global Corporate Connect Programme(GCCP) is a tie-up between Global Indian International School and various corporates which provides benefits and privileges to the corporate employees looking for schooling solutions across countries which has GIIS presence.

How to be part of GCCP?

How do I know about the concessions and privileges?

  • Contact the GIIS Admissions team at admissions.sg@globalindianschool.org or call 6914-7100

Is this only in Singapore? What happens when I get transferred to some other location?

  • This is available across all geographies of GIIS. Seamless and smooth transfer is one of the benefits we extend to the employees. The concessions and benefits will be as per the local plan under this programme

As Corporate HR, how can I communicate this tie-up with all my employees?

  • GIIS shall provide you with e-brochure and presentation to spread the word internally. GIIS shall provide a newsletter every 3 months with latest school updates

As a corporate HR I want to know, are there any more benefits, besides those at the employee level?

  • Yes! The programme gives an opportunity to come together to share knowledge and interact with the future managers. GIIS shall also organise special sessions and classes for all the kids of the employees

How will I know if the privileges change?

  • The information shall be shared with the company HR

As corporate HR how can I terminate the contract?

  • For termination of the tie-up, a 3-months notice is required from either side

Can the contract get terminated even if the corporate does not want?

  • The tie-up can get terminated in case there are fee delays or defaults