Preferred/Guaranteed Admission at any GIIS campuses 

The Global Corporate Connect Programme offers preferred/guaranteed admission to all children of a corporate employee in GIIS schools. The employees can choose a campus of their choice to get admissions. GIIS will guarantee admission provided all the requirements of the admission are fulfilled. Please reach out to corporate.connect@globalindianschool.org for more information on list of GIIS campuses which are part of GCCP.

  • Concession on Tuition fees

    GIIS will provide a concession on recurring tuition fees. The tuition fee concession is on slab basis subject to net student enrolment from the given corporate across GIIS locations

  • Smooth Transfer

    In case of employee relocation/transfer, all required data of the child will be transferred to the GIIS campus, situated in the new city. Teachers of the new campus can get in touch with the old campus to understand the child’s background.

  • Bridge Programme for mid year joiners

    A special bridge programme will help students joining mid-term with additional study kit and notes along with teacher support and peer guidance

  • Special concession

    65% concession on registration at any of the Singapore campuses. For campuses in other countries, local concession structure on the registration will be applicable

  • Founding Parent concession

    Employees seeking admission in our new campuses will get a special Founding Parent concession for the first year, if they join during the first 2 years of any newly opened campus.

  • Registration Fee

    In case of employee relocation/transfer, they will not be required to pay the registration fee again to the GIIS school in the new city

For more detail about the programme please reach out to corporate.connect@globalindianschool.org